Monday, February 25, 2013


Behold, my banagram mastery:
Even Natalie was amazed that I used all of the letters!
I got Sammy a little bed so that I could lay him on the table, where he can get some R&R without Natalie bothering him. I got it on clearance at Burlington ($7!), but when I brought it home I was pleased to find that it matches the dog.

Natalie takes the doggie bed for a little test run

Natalie loves to play with the dog leashes, but it almost invariably ends with her wrapping herself up until she can no longer move and crying until I free her.
I present: Food Storage Shepherd's Pie 
I was having a dump-a-few-cans-together-and-call-it-dinner type day, and I came up with this:
 a can of chili mixed with some ketchup, mustard and spices, layered with a can of green beans and some instant mashed potatoes. It was a nice way to use items that I have bought couponing. This meal cost less than $.75.

This is the dress my mom got for Natalie's birthday. It makes her look like such a big kid! All of our dresses before this have had an infant cut- wide, with a short skirt, meant for crawlers.
Micah's first ride on the scooter. It took a while to get it gassed up with air in the tires, but it is now fully up and running. Micah took it out yesterday after church to get a hang of how to drive it. He got up to 45mph going downhill and could have gone faster, but wisely decided not to push it. Not bad for a 50cc! We're still waiting on a motorcycle helmet, but Micah began taking it to Marta today (using a bicycle helmet)

Natalie with a yogurt goatee, signing "done".
Learning early to appreciate the joy of licking the beaters when mommy bakes

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