Friday, February 1, 2013

New Day, New Dog

Well, last Saturday, much to our surprise, Maddox got adopted. Usually older dogs take a long time to find homes, but he was taken home on Saturday by a nice older couple with a lazy cocker spaniel to spend the rest of his days with.
I went up to the shelter on Wednesday to pick up another shihtzu, but another fosterer had already gotten him. Shoot! As I looked around at the other dogs, the dogs of breeds that I like- shihtzus, terriers, dachsunds- were really hyper, jumping and barking in their crates. The few who were calmer were in medical isolation or were so new to the shelter that they couldn't recommend them in a home with a baby until they were evaluated further. Lauren, the president of the rescue group, came in and recommended Nick. She said that he was very laid back, sweet. When they have promotional opportunities, like recetly the weather channel asked SDR to present a dog, or for booths at public events, she liked to bring Nick, because he would just curl up on our lap and chill. The main problem? He's a chihuahua. I'm no big fan of chihuahuas. We brought him out and vistited him and I decided that it wasn't fair to refuse Nick because of his breed- he can't help what he is! Plus, he had been at the shelter for a long time and dogs like that can benefit a lot from being in a foster home- in terms of their own well-being as well as the added confidence that it gives potential adopters to know that he can behave well in a home setting. So, here's Nick:
He's 8 years old and a major snuggler. He loves to burrow under blankets and snooze all day. We're wondering if his eyesight is bad because he seems to run into things quite often. The biggest downside is that he bares his teeth at Natalie when she starts flailing near him, so I'm keeping a close watch. Surely there is some lonely person out there who needs a low-maintenance lap warmer. Little Nick would be the perfectc fit!

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