Monday, February 11, 2013

Failed Dishware Attempt

I'd like Natalie to learn to eat off of plates, mainly because when we go out to eat it's embarrassing to feed her off the table. The times I tried giving her a plate, she dumped the food on her lap while lifting the plate vertical to her face, trying to eat the food directly off of the plate. She also bangs the plates and drops them, which is no good until we get some plastic dishware! So, I thought I would try a bowl. She decided that she would try to wear it as a hat!


The grossest part? She went straight to the tub after dinner and, as I was rinsing her off, she kept picking up the noodles that were rinsed off of her and eating them.
And yes, those are spaghettios. We got home way late and I needed something to feed her quickly so that she could get to bed. DON'T JUDGE ME!!!
Strawberries season is here! At least, that's what it seems- they've been on sale at ALDI for the last few weeks for $1.20/qt, and they're actually GOOD! Usually early ones don't have much taste, but they're super sweet and delicious. I'm so glad. I hate having to spend the long winter without delicious treats like this!

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  1. My dream in life is to live somewhere where there is an Aldi's. And those crepes look delish!