Monday, January 14, 2013

WonderWorks and Natalie's B-Day

 On the Friday after Christmas, a few of us got to go down to Myrtle Beach to check out WonderWorks, a cool new kids museum type place. The building is meant to look like a house that has been blown into the air and landed upside down. Inside are tons of cool exhibits, from your basic bubbles and 15-foot floor piano, to crazier display, like a bed of nails to lay on, a bike on a pendulum that allows you to swing 360 degrees if you pedal hard enough. Tons of fun displays. We didn't even get to all of them before we had to leave out of hunger and exhaustion!

Outside the entrance was a dispenser for fish food. These fish were gross and crazy and all on top of each other. They created such a thick layer when gathering for food, that the ducks would come and climb on top of them and get all the food.

While everyone is amazed by the crazy concentration of fish, they do not notice they overly-bold ducks gathering behind them, ready to attack.

Classic blue screen video game

Micah laying on a bed of nails and posing in front of a display of Tesla, his main man.

Natalie posed inside of a model astronaut suit! 

Here is LeAnn lying in a recliner covered with a pile of linens fresh from the dryer. I'm glad to not be the only one in the family who appreciates the beauty of snuggling up with freshly dried laundry!

 Gabby returned from her Dad's, so we all went to the airport and cheered when she came through the gate, waving a sign, and pretended that she was coming back from a long trip at an exotic local.

Natalie celebrated her birthday on the 31st. Unfortunately, she was being kind of grumpy that evening, but she still enjoyed opening presents and eating cake!


When we were singing happy birthday, we held the cake up to her and she reached out and grabbed the candle and burned her fingers. It was so sad but funny. Yeah, we're pretty awful parents.

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