Monday, November 12, 2012

Paco Returns

It has been an exciting week! My mom flew down to Atlanta to spend a few days with us, then drove with me to Wilmington to welcome Paco home from his mission. I didn't whip out my camera nearly enough, but here are a few shots:
That would be Paco's flight, flight 5040, from Atlanta. On the ground!

I could not believe the wear on this suit- just look at those knees!

"So THIS is tio?" Natalie doesn't know quite what to make of uncle Paco at first, but she warmed up to him in the following days.
Paco shows off some of his sport apparel posing in front of a Peruvian flag.
Blake was especially excited to welsome him home! Blake is in the Brazil MTC, but his likeness is still at home!
While Paco has learned a lot and probably changed in many ways, it was so cool to see him and realize that his is still Paco. He will face a lot of adjusting I am sure, but he doesn't seem as awkward as I had anticipated. I think that by January when he returns to school, he will fit in just great. He will be going back to the dorms where many of his friends from Freshman year have stuck together and lived. I am glad that I got to meet them a little bit. They seem like great guys and I'm glad Paco will have them around.
While Paco's return was the purpose of the visit, there were a lot of other things to enjoy. The abuelos got some grandchild time. Here, my dad puts dishes into the dishwasher while Natalie takes them out...

We got to enjoy seeing a play that Gabby was in that was pretty entertaining. Also enjoyed some torta de tres leches at a welcome-home sort of party. I was surprised that more people didn't come. But hey- more torta for me! Hahaha. It was way delicious. Between that goodness and the general munching that is involved in treavel, I gained 3 pounds in 6 days. Yikes! Back home, back to my diet and exercise plan.... just as soon as the rest of that cake we brought home is gone :)
Micah came up on Friday and we drove back home to Atlanta yesterday.  So, after 2 months of dual-car special powers, we are back down to 1 car. I know that I have been carless at home with Natalie for plenty of time and I could do it again, but I want the car now to get to aerobics and play group, so Micah will likely be searching for a scooter with great energy.
Travel did not agree with Natalie's sleep, so we're renewed in our efforts to get her on a decent schedule and work on waking up less at night.  We are reaching the end of our limits though. We can not emotionally, psychologically or physically deal with the sleep deprivation for much longer. I've already become completely desensitized to her cry. The noise is annoying, but I don't feel any guilt or sympathy for not responding. She's either going to have to learn to sleep or just become an oversensitive, blubbering mess with anxious attachment problems for the rest of her life. It's sad. I feel like I'm a much different parent than I could be if I got enough sleep. I am way irritable and impatient, not very warm and definitely not as cheerful as I'd like to be. Blah. Parenthood is hard.
Though even tough situations have some silver lining. For example, I have learned that Natalie's hair will do this:


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