Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Micah Playing With Natalie

I'm bummed out that Micah will pretty much be gone all the time for about the next 2-3 weeks. He has presentations and projects, not to even start thinking of final exams to study for!
Good thing that, in those precious few moments that he does get to be at home, Micah can really let his mind relax.
So- Thanksgiving at Aunt Nancy and Uncle Ron's was fabulous. But I left feeling very badly. For the second consecutive year I failed at making this recipe. I followed the recipe exactly. I even watched the video! Last year the layers were just messy, but at least it tasted good. This year it turned out even worse. The crust wasn't crunchy, it was weird and gross. Then the top layer didn't set- it was total liquid. I don't understand it! What am I doing wrong? More importantly, what an idiot am I if I can't even make a stinking jello salad?!?! These thoughts plagued me. My only consolation was that I also made these fabulous chocolate cheesecake truffles which turned out AWESOME! Had a bunch of Philidelphia Indulgence spread that I got for way cheap that I wanted to use so I found this recipe and instead of oreos, used crushed graham crackers, to mimic the cheesecake crust taste and flavor. Never did a double boiler before, but it was surprisingly easy. Now I know!

Natalie has been doing well, though I think that she might be getting a tooth because she's been more desirous to take naps than usual. That, and she's drooling gallons.
I wanted to take some cute pictures of her in her Sunday clothes, but after about 2 minutes, she just started crying and wouldn't stop unless she was picked up, so here's the best we got:

Got this discarded bookshelf. I had just been thinking that morning how badly I need a higher surface to put things in Natalie's room. She is getting taller and can now reach anything on her dresser. When a neighbor placed this by the garbage, I made Micah drag it in. Natalie enjoyed sitting in it. It has no shelves. I'll have to come up with something clever to use...

And here's a series that Micah took that I thought was funny...


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