Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Positive

ME: I guess I should make a blog post that is more positive.
ME: So people can stop feeling bad for us.
MICAH: Yeah, I think my parents think we're dying.
ME: Well, some days we are.

BUT! Even though it's hard and we are operating on very little sleep and often are sore from toting this kid around, it's not all gloom and doom. Sometimes she has fun, cute moments and she is definitely growing annd changing a lot.

She is becomming way skilled very quickly at rolling and sitting. She also does a pretty secent swirl on her tummy to change where she is facing. When she is happy enough to be left alone to play, she often ends up several feet away from where I put her down. She's a major sqirmer and it's tough to keep her on her back long enough to finishe changing her diaper- especially when she's unhappy. I can see a little bit of fine white hair coming in, so she's not totally bald.

We all enjoyed a nice weekend last Saturday, exploring the freedom trail in Boston. Natalie was in awe by a lot of the sights.

But we also enjoyed some of this through the afternoon.

 Here we are at the Old North Church

 This church honoring the Boston Massacre was my very favorite sight of all because there in a unicorn on the upper right corner of the facade.

 Natalie totally owns strawberries. She can pick them up and gum at them til nothing but the core is left.

And, as expected, Sammy is starting to see the great advantage of having a baby around: more dropped food.

 This cracked me up. Natalie chewing on Sammy's toy and him looking at me like, "Well? Aren't you going to do something about this?!?"

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