Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I am officially 12 weeks pregnant today. Tomorrow we will be going in to get the butt-naked check up (that's what the nurse politely called it, I guess it's pretty thorough) and have the first ultrasound test. If all is going well, there should be a heartbeat.

By today, our baby is the size of a plum. I hoped to find a picture of someone holding a plum, or perhaps a plum next to a quarter to get an idea of scale, but no such luck. I did find this picture, though:

Now that we are all thinking about a squirrel eating our baby, Micah got an email from a professor that he visited with when GATech flew him out back in April. The professor was essentially inviting him to do research under him. Micah needs to think about it because there was another professor whose research aligned more with his interests (biofluidics), but this other professor's research area (optics) is also really appealing. At least he doesn't have to worry about not being able to find anyone who will take him on as a Faculty Advisor for his program.

Micah moves into the next phase of P90X. Its exciting that he is getting results, but I'm cranky because P90X means that for an hour or two each day while Micah is working out, he is very irritable. Plus, he is constantly talking about what is is/has/should/shouldn't eat- as well as critiquing my diet.

In other news, I am getting sriously irritated with the weather. It's hot as anything here in Wilmington but any day we want to go to the beach the sky is overcast. So much for getting a sweet tan while we're here.

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