Thursday, June 23, 2011

First OB Visit

Well, there's officially a little squirmy creature inside of me.

We headed out to the Leland branch of our OBGYN clinic to meet with the doctor today. It was kinda cool because the office was right next to the medical office where LeAnn works, so her coworkers would pass in the hall and give us a thumbs up while we were waiting at the recptionist's and then afterwards we got to check out LeAnn's work.

So, first of all- am I the only one who finds it difficult to do a urine sample?
They say that you should start peeing and THEN move the cup under the stream, in case the first bit of urine is contaminated. For some reason I can't seem to coordinate maintaining a steady pee stream and moving a little cup under me at the same time. The best I can do is start peeing, stop peeing, move the cup into place, and then start peeing again. Of course, by then I'm so worked up by trying to stop mid-pee that I can't seem to pee that much and I feel embarassed about the pitiful size of my urine sample.

So, they take us back to the room and ask me to get completely undressed and put on their little paper coverup. As I was sitting there waiting to meet the doctor, I kept seeing myself blurt out, "Hi, I'm Sarah. I'm not usually this naked" as soon as the she came in. Fortunately our doctor was friendly and charasmatic and so I felt slightly less awkward.

Also while we were waiting, Micah and I were ever so maturely making fun of this instrument next to the table which had a long probe, covered in what very much resembled a condom. Little did I realize then that this probe actually goes up your hoo-haw, and the plastic sheath pretty much was a condom. The doctor noticed me laugh and I lied that it was because the probe tickled. So that's how they do ultrasounds! Nothing at all like that scene in Marley and Me where Jennifer Aniston is sitting there fully dressed with a nurse running the probe around her belly at 10 weeks.

I thought it was pretty cool seeing the baby, but Micah was particularly impressed. He sang improvised songs about it all the way back to Wilmington. We saw it's brain, which is shaped like a butterfly. We also saw the heart pumping blood straight down the spine, so all essentail functions seem well. Micah has already determined that it is a boy, based on how it moved around.

They claimed that it was long enough to be 13 weeks instead of 12, but probably it wouldn't change my estimated due date of January 5. Even though 90% of first-time babies are born AFTER their due date, I refuse to give up hope that the baby will be born by the end of the calendar year. If we miss out on the tax break and have to pay our way-too-high annual deductable twice, I'll be so bummed!

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