Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hello, Peanut

To avoid awkward gender ambiguity ("he or she"), we simply refer to the baby as "peanut" now.

This is one of the best pictures from the ultrasound today. If you can't make it out, it's a profile view of the whole peanut, the back is towards the top of the picture, the head to the left. You can see the eye, ears, spine, arms and legs. The hand has 5 fingers, so that's good. Also, that little dark shadow on the chest that looks sorta like an airplane facing west is the heart, which has all 4 chambers, beats strong and circulates blood straight down the spine. It was cool seeing that in live action. Also, peanut likes to move around, making most of the pictures blurry.

The charts say that average length at this age is 5.5 cm head to rump. This image shows that our baby has already reached 6.69 cm, more than 20% longer than average. That's right, after only 12 weeks in utero, I have already begun to brag about my child's accomplishments.

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  1. Hey, now....
    That's the grandparents' job, to brag about this child's accomplishments. Stop working our side of the street!