Wednesday, May 3, 2017

April=Agles+Angela's Bday

I apologize for the out-of-focus photos, I think my camera is struggling. I'll try to post more once Micah uploads pictures from his phone.

The highlight of our last month has been the trip to Raleigh to finally meet this kid
As you can see, he was thrilled to meet us.

We picked strawberries, went to an indoor kids museum, visited a giant outdoor activity park for kids, celebrated Easter and even got to be around for Paco and sister-in-law Jessica's baby shower. So much fun!

Kids gathering around to watch Micah throw a coin that landed on the model train as it passed by.

Last weekend, we celebrated Angela's 3rd birthday. There was much sugar consumption and joviality.

Since her birthday fell on a Sunday, we even took cupcakes into nursery. The nursery teachers now hate us :) jk. 

Angela got these balls with some birthday money- they have glitter in princess figurines inside of them.

Prince Mickey and Princess Minnie dancing at the ball

Natalie loves preschool- in an open-mouth-smile sort of way. I'm so sad that the school year is ending in just a few weeks! This preschool program has been so great.

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