Thursday, April 6, 2017

Ready for Raleigh!

I am beginning to pack for my trip to visit Raleigh. I don't leave for another several days, but don't want to pack Micah style and have to run to the store to buy clothing 9 hours before my flight departs (coughcough). We are driving on Sunday and I *think* I may have gotten a little carried away with buying snacks for the car trip. I guess I was compulsively shopping to help ease the anxiety I feel over driving so far with only me- no adult passenger to entertain the kids. 

In other news, we remain pretty happy and underdressed in the Jenkins home.

"Look, I have a beard like Daddy"

It's been almost 2 months since our bathroom sink first arrived in this box and the kids still wont let me throw it away.

How about that general conferance? Very spiritually restorative. And.... for some of us, physically restorative...

Blue steel

Enjoying a fun day at Animal Kingdom.

I keep trying to convince Angela to let me clip her hair back, but she insists that she likes it in her face.

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