Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Natalie's B-Day and Beyond

Here's a bunch of shots from Natalie's party, a few that I took and some from a friend's phone. We had a great group turn out, 15 kids were here altogether. It was fun for the grownups because it was our first time entertaining a large group in our new home. Everyone loved it and Natalie was very happy! We played pin the nose on Olaf, drop the clothes pin in the mason jar, had lunch, cake and ice cream, pinata and had a good amount of just running around, whacking eachother with balloon swords  and just playing. When I asked Natalie her favorite part, she said, "All my friends playing on my new swing set". My only regret is that we didn't have a slip and slide- it was 85 degrees and we were sweatin it out during the outdoors portions of the party!

Now, it has cooled down quite dramatically (finally!!!). We have been doing hot cocoa and marshmallows a lot even though it's in the 60's-70's because this is as winter as it gets!

This is what happens when Daddy tries to just relax on a Sunday afternoon

We had one day back up in the 80's, so we hit the beach in the girls' new Christmas swimsuits!

Most recent news, we had a special stake conference this weekend. Stake conferences are the worst for kids. It's 2 hours long!!! And here is Natalie when we told her that there would be no primary.

However, it was an important meeting because it was our last Cocoa Stake Conference ever. We formed a new stake, the Vero Beach stake. The two wards in Palm Bay are joining up with 2 wards from the stake south and 2 from the stake west of us to form this new stake. Our bishop (Micah's group leader at Harris) was called as the stake president, so that's pretty exciting. It will be interesting to be part of all of these changes as we transition. 

We got to hear more about the importance of planning and counsels, so here is Natalie during our weekly family counsel, writing down what she plans to do this week ("Play on the swingset and go on a date with Daddy")

Last but not least, these lovely ladies joined us last week. They're 4 weeks old, so we still have 3-5 months before they begin laying. I bought a simple coop and run online and they are already assembled, but not very predator-proof and I know that we have major raccoons here. I'll need to put a little work and planning into setting it up in the yard so that they're not all devoured immediately, but the chicks can't go outside for a couple more weeks anyway because they need a warm environment until their feathers grow in more fully.

 Meanwhile, Angela loves to climb in the coop and run, so they're getting broken in nicely!

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