Thursday, January 7, 2016

Christmas Day

A belated documentation of our Christmas morning.
Natalie woke up first and enjoyed some youtube videos in Micah and my bed until Angela was up.

Then, Daddy carried them down to see if Santa visited us!

We checked out a few special presents from Santa first thing. We chose to open the biggest box, which was a bike trailer for the girls to ride in!

So much candy for breakfast!

We took our time and opened gifts at a leisurely pace- open a gift, play a bit, open another gift, etc. It was nice having nowhere to be and no one expecting us. Also, no reason to shower and get dressed. So, Christmas morning lasted well past lunchtime!

Grandpa's turtle racer gift was a big hit with Natalie

Angela tries to figure it out, until Daddy takes off with it

 Daddy gives a quick physics lesson as he opens his gift from my Dad

 A room full of brand new toys, playing with a box

This was to document Natalie's naughty act- she stole the half-opened toblerone from Micah's stocking and ate off only the tips

after naptime, we decided to go for a bike ride. Angela didn't like it at first, but got some candy to convince her to like it.

We rode to a pretty park a few miles from our home right across hwy 1 on the Indian River lagoon

Was this girl MADE for beach life, or what?

Thanks for the new swimsuits, grandma!

This inexpensive, afterthought to get free shipping on another amazon order ended up being a great gift- a set of magnifying glasses. Dad took her outside to burn ants and burn holes through dried leaves on the back porch while Angela napped.

Micah got a few books to work on his piano skills

We did an effortless dinner- glazed ham and baked potatoes- then Natalie and I got all the blankets and pillows in the house and slept under the tree, falling asleep to Christmas music. It was pretty magical. 

 We were grateful to have a chance to relax and laze around the house and enjoy spending time together. Thanks to all of our friends and family who sent us thoughtful and exciting gifts!

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  1. Mom and I really enjoyed the Photos very much. Please keep them coming as time marches on, Thanks for the memories

    Marty and Charlotte