Tuesday, September 29, 2015

It's HOT

You see the effect that your example has on these girls, Micah?

Yay! Daddy's home from work! Now we can go to the swimming pool! (Yes, the pool is still open and it is still hot enough to swim.)

Angela does a lot of this lately. She won't eat anything but cheese. And she's very angry when I try to offer her other things. Even things she has loved in the past. Every meal/snack/moment is pretty traumatic for both her and me because of this.

Girls are obsessed with this chair- they constantly remove the seat cushion to jump on the springy bottom or lounge in the extra-deep seat.

Left peeled, hard-boiled eggs on the counter. Returned to find small nibbles taken out of each of them.

"I look stupid in that picture. You should not post it." Says Micah
This was Micah on Saturday morning after surviving his first week at his first real job. 

Check out our sweet digs. Actually kind of liking the open-concept thing. I can wash dishes while keeping an eye on the kids. But it's also hard because I'm hyper conscious of every single little mess and clean all day long every day. This is where Harris is paying for us to stay until October 19.

Yay! A park down the street. A really big, fun one. We were the ONLY people there. I guess it's still too hot for any of the locals to come play. Or, for some reason, this park is dangerous or otherwise tainted and the locals don't use it....

These poor girls were drenched in sweat by the time we went home.

Look at my cute ponytails!

We put in an offer on a house. If we can't get the sellers to come down to our price, we've got a choice #2 already lined up. We're trying to get under contract asap so that we can have a 30-day-closing The truth in Lending Act that goes into effect and we have to do a 45-day-closing, which will mean 2 additional weeks in a hotel or something. Closing on our condo went through last Friday, so now every time I look at my bank account, I feel the urge to run to a branch and withdraw several thousand $1 bills so I can roll in them. We made a 97% profit in 4 years. Buying that place=best financial decision we will probably ever make.

It has come to light that I need to have my vision checked. I can't read road signs very well until I'm pretty close, which has been tricky as I'm learning my way around. I thought that I was pretty normal, until driving around with Micah, who can read signs from 2-3x farther away. Good thing we're getting a vision plan through Harris! Vision problems might also help explain the headaches that I get on a nearly-daily basis. Unfortunately, vision impairment would make my dreams of becoming an astronaut unattainable. Shoot.

Natalie is handling the transition pretty well. She is drawing on some familiarities for stability- a lot of things that are the same here as where we used to live, such as the cookies at publix and having a playground in the mall. Angela is figuring out how to sleep in her packnplay and it hasn't been as big a hurdle as I was expecting. Micah is liking work so far and is coming up with more and more reasons why Harris will be a good employer for him.

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