Tuesday, October 28, 2014


 Natalie loves Angela. Like, so much. I can't leave them alone without Natalie climbing on Angela.

This is Natalie making Angela 'smile' for the camera.

On Saturday, we enjoyed our church Halloween party. Natalie looked fantastic in this Minnie Mouse costume passed along from Darlene.

And Angela sported this wig that I made with some pink overalls to be a cabbage patch kid. 
I was surprised by how well she handled wearing the wig. She kept it on the whole time (even fell asleep in it) but Natalie would only wear her ears at the very beginning and then when trick or treating at people's cars.

Angela is generally pretty good, though lately she has had some moments of untypical fussiness. She seems to be teething. Or she's possessed. She randomly cries and cries until I nurse her even though I know she's not hungry and she hasn't been a comfort nurser before. She is also oozing quite a bit from her face. And chewing on her fingers. We've been busy with all kinds of fun stuff and it has messed with her nap schedule, so she is sometimes super cranky and tired but won't go to sleep. Which is hard, with Micah being gone all the time, because it mostly happens in the evening when Natalie is also cranky and overtired and I'm hungry and tired, too and wah, wah, wah. 

But there is some happiness, too!

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