Friday, October 10, 2014

Job Hunt and Haircut

First off, some glamour shots


Micah wanted a current picture for his resume on linkedin. He is finding out about new job opportunities almost every day, so it's still totally up in the air where we will end up. Micah is weighing the various merits of quite a variety of different positions, trying to project what he wants to be doing in 10-15 years and generally sizing up the potential for professional satisfaction, intellectual and social stimulation and monetary compensation in a dozen or more opportunities.  I just hope that it's somewhere we can have indoor space and a yard for the girls to play and where traffic doesn't prevent me from leaving the house between 4 and 7 on weekdays.

Angela likes food. And she likes eating it almost as much as she likes wearing it.

 In other news, we have been working hard to fill the time while Daddy is putting in long, long hours at school. Natalie's playgrounding skills have improved- she can now climb the rock wall and the rope web at out local playground, feats which she never even attempted before last week. We rented a carpet cleaner to prepare for Angela to crawl- a milestone that she is getting dangerously close to. I gave Natalie her first hair cut.

 It's crazy how much shorter it looks considering how VERY LITTLE I actually cut off.

This is seriously ALL of it. IT was so thin and scraggly on the bottom!

Here it is fluffed out.

Natalie loves to snuggle Angela. And by snuggle, I mean glomp, roll on, smush and generally harm. But she does it all with a grin and the greatest affection. As a friend put it while Natalie was hugging Angela a little too hard the other day, "that is the cutest, saddest thing ever."

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