Thursday, June 5, 2014

Postpartum check: check

Had my OB follow-up appointment and I am officially A-Okay. Scary part: I had to get weighed. Yikes! Somehow, despite my pre-pregnancy weight being 10 lbs less than it was before becoming pregnant with Natalie and gaining 10lbs less during the course of pregnancy, I still somehow weigh just as much as I did 5 weeks after giving birth to Natalie. A lot of good all that exercise during pregnancy did for me. Pshhh.

My mom came into town to visit last week. It was AWESOME. Being alone during the day with both girls depletes me pretty quickly- physically, mentally, emotionally. So, the company was very helpful. While she was here, she stayed with Angela while Natalie and I went to the YMCA for a zumba class. Natalie was scared to go into the nursery after a few weeks of not going. The class felt great and made me more eager to get back to exercising regularly. Only 2 more months until Angela will be old enough to take. Until then, I just need to motivate myself enough to go in on Saturday mornings while Micah can stay with the little one.

Angela is doing great. She has a definite routine emerging. She is pretty fussy in the evenings, but usually goes for a good 5-6 hour stretch between feedings for the first part of the night. Angela usually wakes up at night fewer times than Natalie.

Natalie wants to be all up in Angela's face still. Which is awesome, when Angela is awake and interested in her surroundings. But it's a pain when Angela is sleeping/eating. Angela went 8 days without pooping, which had us a little concerned. She is a crazy toot monster.

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