Monday, June 23, 2014

Pool Time and Other Craziness

First family day at the pool!

It was still pretty cold, so she only went in up to her thighs. 

I have gone once so far by myself with both girls during the day while Micah was at work. Angela hung in the stroller while I swam with Natalie. It was surprisingly manageable... until Angela got bored and started crying. Speaking of managing things with 2 ...Going to the store is stupidly hard. Mostly having to get Angela out of the car, into the wrap, out of the wrap, back into the car, out of the car and into the house- always trying not to wake her up through at least one of those transitions. I can't just bring her in with her carseat because if I have Natalie and Angela's carseat both in the cart... there's nowhere to put groceries.

Confession: multiple times now, I have driven off and forgotten to strap Natalie into her carseat. I am just so flustered trying to get Angela to the car while she's flailing backwards because it's so bright outside while keeping at eye out to make sure no cars are coming to mow down Natalie as I tell her approximately 5.7 zillion times to stop picking flowers and playing with ants and come to the car right this minute before I start counting!!!! After finally getting Angela tucked and strapped and at a point where she's not screaming (she's not a fan of the carseat), I just get in the car and start driving. Both times, I didn't make it far before Natalie started freaking out, screaming that she wasn't strapped in. Which is funny. Because she also has a tantrum every time we put her straps on. So, I pull over and strap her. But, still. Yikes.

I'm struggling to figure out how to get this girl on a more predictable schedule now that she's over he little growth spurt. If I just try to consistently follow the pattern of eat-be awake-go to sleep- repeat now, she sometimes (usually) sleeps for 30 minutes or less, making her feedings start-to-start only 2 hours apart at times. When she was sleeping more, she was very consistently eating every 3 hours. Now that she sleeps less overall during the day, I think it's time to start condensing her sleep into a few long periods with scheduled feedings instead of 700 3-minute naps spread throughout the day with intermittent snacks. Here, she poses with a cup of tea that Natalie gave her.

She smiles a lot now, but it's hard to photograph. She doesn't like the light on my camera, so when I take a picture, she always scrunches up her forehead all confused and curious.

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