Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Potty Stickers

Natalie gets stickers when she uses the potty. She collects them on a chart and earns a mini reese's cup for every line of stickers she fills. When the chart is all full, we take off all the stickers and she gets to play with them. We find stickers all over the house, ourselves and embedded in the dog's fur for the next 3 days.The funny part- she gives us stickers when we go potty, too. Here, she puts another sticker on the bathroom door while Daddy is inside going pee.

She does interesting things when I'm not watching her, like this contemporary art installation made from the smoke detector, my phone and some cheerios. 

Continuing to improve my Indian food skills: some homemade paneer mahkani, cumin-infused rice and butter naan.  

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