Saturday, March 8, 2014

Pilsbury biscuits? Who needs 'em!

I made breakfast biscuits for the first time today and they turned out awesome. Thank you, Betty, for another fabulous recipe. Here they are with sausage gravy. It was a fabulous breakfast, and only took like 30 minutes from turning on the oven to sitting down and eating.

We finished our downstairs bathroom. It cost a little more than we expected (more like $200 than $100, though some of that was on reusable painting supplies) and took a little longer to finish than we expected (6-8 weeks), but it looks nice and we are very pleased. The pictures make it hard to get a good idea of how the room really looks, but it's nice. Trust me. We got a cool, tree decal for the wall but unfortunately, it didn't adhere very well because of the wall texture and finish. It looks okay, but not fantastic. The wall color, we LOOOOOVE. It's just dark enough to be dramatic without making the space too small. The trim looks so nice and clean and the floating shelves over the toilet make it seem much more spacious and add some nice storage. We changed the light bulbs for some pricey-er ones that are supposed to be more "outdoor" in their light temperature, and it makes the space seem much more elegant. Now, when I'm feeling frustrated, I can go in there, sit on the toilet and pretend that we're fancy.

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