Friday, March 7, 2014

Baby Aquisitions

I've collected some free baby stuff from friends at church. There isn't anything that I really need, but we were pretty minimalist with what we got for Natalie because we spent the summer in Boston after she was born. So, she pretty much had no cool toys and wore the same 10 onsies so many times they are all faded gray and brown down the front. I really wished we had gotten a swing, but by the time we realized how much it could have helped, she was already getting too big for one. Plus, we would never have fit it in our car to and from Boston!
The swing I got from a church friend had no seat cover, so I bought a broken one on craigslist for $5 so that we can use the cover (since covers are $25 minimum on ebay/the replacement parts store). The added benefit: since this one is already broken, we can allow Natalie to climb on it without worrying about the motor, since she's quite a bit over the weight limit. She is pretty interested in the new toys. Hopefully she's not too jealous when she realizes they aren't for her.

She's over the weight limit for this one, too, but I don't worry about it as much. Parents who have these seem to love these. They take up so much space, but since it was free, I will have no reservations about getting rid of it once it has been outgrown. Maybe nephew Adam will still be young enough to enjoy it when he visits in April? Although, as Natalie illustrates here, there seems to be no age ceiling on the enjoyment factor...
We also got a newer carseat that is in better condition that Natalie's ever was and some little, little clothes. We didn't really buy Natalie any newborn clothes- she just wore shirts from the hospital mostly until she could wear the 3-6 month sizes- but now we're stocked. Fancy us.

A moment for reflection

Sammy went in for a dental cleaning on Thursday morning. He had to be dropped off at 8am and I was too scared of going across town in heavy morning traffic, so Micah kindly went in later that day so that he could drop off Sammy before heading to school. Sammy was super loopy when I picked him up that afternoon and spent the rest of the night asleep on our bed- he didn't even come out to bark when our friend came over to drop off her kids! I guess it takes a while to get over general anesthesia. Today he has been more himself. The sad part- they removed one of his bottom, front teeth because it was very loose. Not the best look for a dog with a severe underbite.  Oh, well. At least he can pull off that look better while we are living in the south here ;)
"Don't even THINK about changing the channel away from Animal Planet"

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