Thursday, December 5, 2013


Last week, we got to enjoy a fun trip up to Wilmington, NC to celebrate Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, I didn't think to get my camera out very much. This one pretty much sums up Natalie's feelings about long drives.

We got to do a lot of fun things, but most importantly, Natalie got some time with her grandma and grandpa, as well as Paco and Gabby.

And pumpkin, of course.

We exchanged a few presents since some of us won't be seeing one another around Christmas. Natalie got a couple of fabulous toys, including a set of awesome dinosaurs that I have already stepped on twice. They are pointy and they hurt! But Natalie loves them and is having fun learning their different names. Some of them she knows from a book already, but some are new names. Like the dilophosaurus, aka that scary one with the neck flaps from Jurassic park. 

We saw Catching Fire, which was exciting. I liked it better than the first, but I still couldn't get over the fact that I don't like most of the lead actors. They're not horrible, I just feel like they don't fit the part well. Also, when Katniss screams, it's so annoying I want to punch her in the kidney. 

Micah took me on a date while Paco babysat one night. We shopped a bit (it was small business Saturday, afterall) before getting dinner at front street brewery. I had the most amazing pulled chicken nachos and Micah had their ribs again. I guess they're pretty good there? Then we took a carriage ride and looked at all the cute little historic downtown houses that are fun to look at but, seriously- who lives there?! I could not believe the prices of some of them. I am definitely not a urbanite at heart.Tiny old houses really close together make me shudder. I am currently reading a really interesting book about homes and the psychology of how we use them and how they affect us (Title: House Thinking). I am dreaming more and more of one day being in a house. Last month, we talked about the possibility of one day living in a more rural area. I always thought that Micah would have to get a job in a big city, since that's where engineering companies are, but apparently there are many national labs in the middle of nowhere that he could end up working at. I'm definitely not ready to assume farm life in the middle of nowhere, but I could definitely handle a big yard with a garden and a few chickens. That's all I really want. But anyway. Back to Thanksgiving.

I made cronuts. I had been dreaming of it ever since I read what they are. And they sounded amazing. The consensus after making them: eh, they're alright. Not much better than a donut. If I was one who waited in line for an hour to get one from the Manhattan bakery that sells them, I would be upset.

Also, I made texas roadhouse rolls for Thanksgiving dinner, but I left them in the fridge overnight between rises. They tasted amazing. From what I've read, allowing the yeast to develop over a longer period of time brings out more flavor. I'm pretty sure that's what we experienced and I may refrigerate dough more often! Especially since it allows you to make the dough whenever you feel like it (within a few days).

Those were most of our highlights. Hopefully I come up with some more pictures to show you all how cute Natalie is getting.

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