Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cockroaches and Fleas. Life is Awesome.

Things have gotten cold around here! Awesome for nights when I want to snuggle up in a fleece blanket and sip some cocoa. Not so awesome that the local insect community has voted our condo the hot spot to hang for the winter. We have seem SO many cockroaches and spiders lately, I literally lie awake at night in fear.

The cold also seems to have induced this strange rash on Natalie's body and back. We first noticed it late last week, then it continued to get worse through Sunday. She woke up from her nap and was red and bumpy all over. The redness has passed, but the bumps remain. I've been rubbing her down with lotion and laundering everything. 

And yes, her hand is down her diaper. This is her usual stance.

We set up the Christmas tree and Natalie is in love with it. 

And Natalie can officially reach all areas of our kitchen counter. Nothing is safe. She usually goes for the dog treats. I've found her half a dozen times dumping them out in piles for the dogs to eat. Urgh.

I had a date to meet up with a potential applicant for Nick today, but she was a no-show. She texted me hours later apologizing. It's going to be difficult to line up another meeting because of her crazy work schedule and the fact that she lives waaaaaaay far away. Today, I had to take Nick to a special vet that was 45 minutes away, so it was almost halfway to where she lived. The visit went great except.... they determined that he is completely blind. He may have an endocrine disease. But worst of all, they found evidence of fleas. I'm getting very frustrated with fleas-last month we were having problems with Sammy and it seemed to improve for a while but then in the past few days he's been back to scratching. Both dogs are on expensive preventatives, I give them flea baths regularly, I've been vacuuming and cleaning everything I can and they just can not seem to leave these poor dogs alone!

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