Sunday, April 28, 2013


We've spent a lot of time on the porch in the last few days. Natalie adores her sand table and I adore my plants and bistro set.
I have my birdfeeder, which has been empty for a while. I asked Micah to grab some more bird food at the store, and instead of wild bird seed he got a bag of bird food for large domestic birds, like parrots. Haha. So, I'm not surprised that we've had a lot of birds- we're giving them the good stuff! Hopefully the new birdbath from my Mom will continue to draw them in through the summer. But for the first time I am suddenly seeing tons of these little guys in our bushes.
We left Atlanta for Boston around this time last year and the year before that we were not settled into Atlanta until the fall, so I amofficially in unchartered territory- I'm experiencing early summer in Atlanta for the first time. Can't wait until the pool opens! Woohoo!
Natalie has been feeding herself with a spoon lately. Or at least, trying to try to feed herself. She often gets frustrated and just hold the cup/bowl up to her mouth to slurp out the contents.
And I finally got around to making graham crackers again. They turned out so much better and, noteabley, are somewhat the same size and shape.

 And I FINALLY made bread that Micah actually likes. I was doing a super crusty dutch oven bread that I thought was the bomb, but Micah wanted softer bread. Third time trying the recipe, glad I didn't give up. It was a simple recipe- I think I'm just finally starting to figure out when the dough is kneaded enough/how to shape it/all the bajillion little things that can lead to disasterour consequences in breadmaking. I made 3 loaves, but we sat and ate one with butter and honey in a single sitting. Yummmm.

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  1. Natalie looks like Colonel Sanders in that photo. For Cute!!!