Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Joy of Saving

Natalie's neck is strong enough for her to sit in the bumbo chair!

At 10 wks:

I have started doing coupons this last week. Searched for newspaper inserts at the recycling center, sorted, clipped and thenscoured the local store sales flyers for matches. It really took a lot of time last week (thus the dearth of posting) but I then discovered this week, a site that basically tells you all the good matchups for the week.

Before, I was really trying to hit the good deals to keep our monthly shopping down to $250 and each week we would be completely out of almost everything when I went to shop again. Now, 2 weeks into the month, I have spent about $110 and our cupboards are full with things to eat, there are at least a week's worth of meals and I am even putting away items for food storage. But the coolest part isn't the little bit of money we're saving but the quality of food I am able to buy. I can get many name brand items for slightly less than generic. Also, we are eating new and yummier things that i never considered buying before because they cost too much. These were 2 of my short shopping trips- the first one was $18.32 after $33.88 savings (fluffy dog not included) and the second was $7.55 after $12.96 savings. I was especially proud of the Smart balance spread I got for $.80, the Stouffer's lasagnas that I got for $2 and the $.60 jar of almonds. I also had coupons to get 6 1/2 gallon cartons of nice milk for $1 (normally 3.95), which I passed along to a sister in the relief society since we're going out of town.

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