Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Just pulled some things out of Natalie's closet and noticed mold on the baseboard that had eaten through 2 posters I had leaning beside it. The baseboard in the bathroom opposite the spot is also discolored and looks like it has gotten wet. Maybe the stuff covering up the place in the closet caused it to get worse because it got no air circulation?

My big question is how water is getting in there to feed the mold. I want to have the HOA look into it because when they sent someone out in December to investigate the leak that made it to our kitchen and living room, he said there were many sign of roof leaks in the attic. Micah said that the guy seemed a stupid, and our inspection in July said there was evidence of one leak that seemed old, so we didn't press the issue. Now that this has come up, maybe we should reopen the question of whether the HOA should repair or replace our roof.

In the meanwhile, what can I use to clean/kill the mold that won't stain or bleach the carpet?

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