Friday, January 13, 2012

Getting to Know Natalie

We continue to figure out more and more about our baby. For example, she like to lay on her tummy on someone's chest. She will fall asleep peacefully in this position if tired and will contentedly look around from this position if awake.

She likes to be held and sung to when she's awake. She eats far better when we wait for her to wake up and be hungry rather than waking her up to eat. We are working on getting her to get full each time she eats. Sometimes she does well, other times she just snacks and then wants to eat again soon after. She loves to suck, but we are avoiding giving her a pacifier until we are confident that she has learned nursing well enough. It's hard to put her to sleep sometimes and we let her suck our fingers. Sometimes she can find her own.

She enjoys her vibrating chair and Sammy doesn't mind sharing it, though if it is empty he is always jumping up and laying in it.

The weather and my soreness haven't allowed for much walking, but I did make it to the mail box a few days ago. She was not happy when we started, but she fell asleep in the stroller. I take this to mean that she enjoys it. Same thing with car rides. She's fussy when being strapped in then passes out after a while.

Another important thing: At night, she will only poop if you have JUST changed her diaper. With all the changing of diapers, I wonder why we even bother to clothe her at night. She wore a nice sleeper with an open bottom last night though- it was considerably easier than the footie kind.

As of yesterday, she weighed 7 lbs 15 oz, up 12 oz from last Thursday. Micah calculated that her weight gain in the last week in terms of percentage total body weight would be equivalent to him gaining 3 lbs a day for a week. Glad to know that she's getting enough to eat.

She peed all over me at the pediatrician's. I was holding a paper towel between her legs while carrying her to the scale and she managed to pee so much it puddled in the towel and ran onto my shirt. The Dr. says she is feisty. Set her down naked on a cold padded table and she wiggles all over. She already has very good muscle tone and can control lifting her head pretty well. Next appointment is in 2 weeks and the Dr. jokingly said that the next time she sees us, Natalie will be walking. I told the Dr. not to give her any ideas.

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