Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Recent Events+ Interview With Natalie

The attack in Orlando this weekend was pretty crazy and has everyone down here in a panic. Lots of folks knew someone who worked with someone whose sister's neighbor's poodle's hairdresser was involved with the shooting. I'm not trying to make light of it; it's a very sad, sad thing. Every one of those killed or injured was an individual with people who loved them and lives that mattered. But it didn't make me feel personally frightened like a shooting in a school or a shopping mall or a movie theater because I don't expect that I'll ever personally find myself at a downtown club at 2 a.m. since that's not a very safe environment even without crazed gunmen about. 

I'm significantly more worried about the alligator that snatched a 2-year-old out of a lake at Disney World last night because that could quite possibly happen to my children if they ever approached a natural body of water around here. It seems like a more likely danger. Sorry if that seems insensitive!

Last weekend I finally got to see the new star wars movie. Was NOT disappointed, though I wanted more back story and for Han Solo's son to not be such a cotton-headed ninny-muggins. This air mattress was perfect for family movie night.

Natalie loves crafts. She wanted me to help her make a mask the other day. This is what she created. Terrifying.

Art is always fun when it's a bajillion degrees but the humidity makes it feel like a bajillion and ten degrees outside (seriously, the "feels like" temps have been like 10* hotter than the actual temperature. Anytime I go outside, no matter how briefly, I return inside drenched in sweat). Here are the kids doing play doh. I have a lot of trouble getting good pictures of Angela because she's always moving too fast or looking down.

Eating play doh. Yum!

My tomatoes have been killin it. They really liked the rain from TS Colin and I've gotten around 2-3 quarts of them in the last week. I've gifted some, used them in our dinners for the last 4 nights, and plan to freeze some. I want to can salsa and tomato sauce some day, but grape tomatoes aren't that useful for canning since they have relatively little flesh once you've removed skins and seeds. 

And finally, here's an interview I did with Natalie today during naptime:

What is your name? Natalie
How old are you? 4
What is your favorite color? Red
Who is your best friend? Everybody
What is your favorite place to go? Aldi and Publix and the gym
What is your favorite movie? Jungle Book
What is your favorite toy? Everything
What is your favorite animal? Dogs and cats
What do you want to be when you grow up? A zoo helper. Only zoo helpers can help giraffes and Zebras. You can only do that in Florida.
What is your favorite story from the scriptures? The first one, where Nephi tries to figure out which church to go to.
How old is Mommy? 12
What is Mommy's favorite thing to do? Play with me
How old is Daddy? 9
What is Daddy's favorite thing to do? Eat candy

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