Sunday, February 7, 2016

Yay Micah!

First off, the videos on my last posts didn't work out, so here they are, along with another one *Edit- they show up on micah's mac, but not my other computer or my sister's. wierd!

We had 3 friends over the other night to babysit. We did make-your-own-pizza and every kid chose some vegetables to put on their pizza without being forced and they all ate their whole pizza (except the crust). Then we redboxed Cinderella. Having 5 girls age 7 and under would be totally easy (NOT!)

Last weekend we had a great little impromptu party out back. We lit a fire in the fire pit, invited 2 families over and made hot dogs and s'mores. Angela did this five minutes before our guests arrived.

 The rest of the night was a blast- the weather was perfect, warm enough for short sleeves but not too hot that the fire was uncomfortable. There weren't even bad mosquitos!

Then, last this week was Micah's birthday. He asked for no cake, just a steak with candles in it and then some ice cream.

We also went out to dinner by the water the night after and made airborne shrimp tonight. We don't celebrate birthdays, we celebrate birthWEEKS!

Angela's cuter than ever.
She loves baby dolls, saying "thank you", peanut butter and disobeying instructions.

 Last Friday, Micah went up to Orlando on his day off. To get out, I took the girls to story time at the library on the bike. It was a blast! I'm used to story time being pretty lame, a few books read, maybe some kind of game or song. But the program at our library is a blast! This week, they celebrated mardi gras- they read a book, then the kids made coloring books, then did these tissue paper wands and crowns and put on masks, paraded around the library while "The Saints Come Marching In" blared and all the employees threw mardi gras neclaces, stickers and candy to the kids. It was so fun!

While in Orlando, Micah bought himself a new digital piano. He's pretty excited about it! 

We have a few plants growing. Some time at the beginning of March when Micah has a Friday off, I'll work on filling our raised bed and get these babies outside!
The flowers were the first to sprout, then the beans, followed by tomatoes and corn and now we're starting to see the first few watermelons, rosemary and chives. Bell peppers and cantaloupe sprouts have yet to make an appearance.

Angela has been testing limits lately. She likes to deliberately and repeatedly violate simple boundaries. Like coloring all over the house and furniture with crayons or taking food away from the table. Probably because she enjoys the security she feels when I consistently discipline her. Ahh, darling child.

Saturday we rode our bikes up to the beach. It was very fun, though it rained a little bit when we got there. We played at a park, grabbed pizza and walked along the shore collecting seashells before heading back. It was a little short of 16 miles, which isn't super long as far as biking goes, but I sure was tired when I got home! Wasn't too sore this morning, though. Angela, on the other hand, may have a kink in her neck for the rest of her life from falling asleep in the trailer.

Our breakfast nook is constantly transitioning back and forth from table to fort. Natalie invited Daddy in this afternoon to read some books and whisper secretively together.

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