Monday, November 23, 2015

Fence and Videos of Angela

The only big news around here: we just signed a contract to have a fence built. We are very suddenly not feeling rich anymore :)
We're excited, though. After researching online, we thought that we could only afford a split-rail or agricultural fence- 4 ft tall with wire mesh to contain the kids and dog. We got some quotes from local contractors and found that a 6ft wooden privacy fence would actually be cheaper than we had expected. When you're spending $8000, why not go all the way and make it $11000 and get a good, quality product? It should help the property value, last longer and help us maintain healthy distance from our single, male neighbors on either side. It will be safer for the kids- they won't be able to climb it as easily and creepers from the street won't see them out playing in the yard. It should be up before Christmas!

I haven't taken a lot of pictures lately, but Natalie took this one of me before I left for the gym this morning.

Here are a few videos illustrating Angela's development:

Kind of late sharing this one, but the week of Halloween, Micah taught Angela to do an evil laugh

She's learning all of her body parts. Just can't figure out where mom is!

She's been using a lot more words, especially the important ones like "cookie", "juice"

And this was hilarious. Micah and I were talking about Angela's cute little curls, and a minute later we looked over in the family room to find Natalie trying to curl her hair with her toy tongs. Bwahaha.

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