Thursday, February 6, 2014

Groceries. Woohoo!

My publix grocery run this morning: 
5 packs of Boost shakes
8 tubs butter
2 boxes fish fillets
2 bags frozen sweet potato fries
4 bottles juice
2 boxes pop tarts
2 cans green chilis
7 bags frozen veggies
3 boxes precooked breakfast sausage
2 jars grated parmesan cheese
1 box herbal tea
1 box of cream cheese
Shelf price was over $140 and I paid around $20, half of which was those last 4 items. I had more coupons for free Boost, but the store didn't have any more in stock. Then, there was a ton of frozen fish and sweet potato fries still in stock ($.10 each after coupons) but I didn't have more than 2 sets of coupons for those! Grrr. Nothing worse than having not enough coupons except the store not having enough product in stock. This was one of those rare weeks when the sale only overlaps with the expiration date of the coupons for some major deals for one day! 

Natalie thinks that the boost drinks are milkshakes. They have enough sugar that they might as well be. Hahaha. 
But they will make good protein-rich snacks for me. Lately, I feel hungry all afternoon and snack nonstop and then in the evening I don't feel hungry at all, which leads to waking up starving at 4 am and not being able to sleep. Blah.

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