Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Natalie 2.0

Today is Natalie's 2nd birthday!

Even though we're waiting a few days to celebrate, I thought that I would share some tidbits about her growth and development. At 2 years old, Natalie:
  • Is finally starting to lose her big ol' baby belly
  • Is very active and curious and will not stop grabbing at absolutely everything
  • Has enough hair to do pigtails (even if each pigtail only has 7 hairs in it....)
  • Can reach all uncovered horizontal surfaces in the house
  • Counts to 10, plus a few extra numbers beyond that, like 18, eleven-teen and schfourteen-teen
  • Identifies and names all rainbow colors, black, white and brown
  • Identifies and names shapes like a circle, square, and triangle
  • Identifies and names most letters of the alphabet in capitol, about 30% in lower-case
  • Injures Micah in the groin region about once every 5 hours
  • Likes princesses; Rapunzel is her favorite
  • Is happy when she gets to skip a nap but still really needs one or she's a melting mess
  • Refuses to sit in a shopping cart
  • Likes to swim
  • Enjoys coloring, painting and playing with playdoh
  • Wants her toenails painted but still lacks the restraint to not touch them while they are wet
  • Engages in imaginary play- usually preparing pretend food and making us eat it
  • Talks embarrassingly loudly in church; still has no concept of whispering
  • Wakes up 5-10 times at night
  • Is developing a sense of humor; tells us when we are being funny and informs us that she is funny
  • Likes to snuggle
  • Eats everything. And enjoys most of it. But apparently not wasabi....

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