Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Poor Babies!

It has been a weekend of lots of feeling sorry for my little ones

On Sunday, we attended our new ward, the Billerica ward. After Sunday School, set Natalie in her carseat carrier and picked it up. The handle was not clicked into place; usually it clicks as you pick it up. The weight must have been balanced very perticularly because it is sooo strange how this happened- when I lifted it by the handle, the seat slid vertical and Natalie fell out face first on the floor.

She was very quiet for a second before she started SCREAMING. I just swept her up and walked out of the chapel and went straight out the front doors. As I started to bounce and shush her and figure out what had happened, I realized that she was bleeding from her mouth. It seemed like she bled soooo much! Micah soon followed me out. I was just trying to calm her and kept saying, "she'll be fine". Her screaming got a little quieter, though she was still crying pretty hard, and the bleeding slowed within a few minutes and I took her into the mothers' room to try and nurse her for comfort. She would eat for a second and be calm and then suddenly start sobbing again. Finally she calmed down enough to fall asleep (though she kept sniffing) and I totally lost it. I was shaking and crying and just felt so horrible and was hoping like anything that she would be okay. She's fine, of course. It was just unbelievably shocking to see her fall and scream bleed, I felt so terrible. I just felt like the most careless and irresponsible person ever! I'm still getting over it a bit, though Natalie seems happy and healthy and not as traumatized by the incident as I was.

So, that is what Natalie endured. Sammy also had a little incident this weekend.

On Saturday night, I noticed that Sammy seemed to have a sore on his foot. When I tried to look at it, he got really mean on me and I couldn't see anything without really touching it because his hair was so overgrown over his paws. We'd been meaning to get him a thorough shave for a while, so we went ahead and scheduled him an appointment with a professional groomer. I hate spending so much money just to have someone shave him when I could handle the haircut itself, but he is just so badly behaved when he's being groomed. They have lots of tricks and equiptment to make it work at the groomers. We just stressed the importance of thoroughness, and the groomer did a good job at that. But his face looks very silly. She left the hair by his jaws so long! I think that she couldn't get very close on the cheeks because she muzzled him to prevent him from biting.

When she cut the hair, it revealed that both of his back feet were in pretty bad shape. Both of his dewclaw (thumb) nails had gotten overgrown and curled around and started growing into the pad. I took him to a vet to have them quicked (cut back to the base and having the bleeding stopped). When she got the nails off- a traumatic, painful experience for him- he had holes in his pads where the nails had been growing that were infected. She anesthetised the openings and expressed his anal gland secretions (because he hadn't been torured enough!) and had us on our way. Now he's on some antibiotics and pain medicine, but at least the nails aren't continuing to hurt. That must have been so painful! I feel bad that we let it get that bad. I wish that he was not so aggressive about being groomed, regular maintenance would make it a lot less dramatic when we do have to get him taken care of.

So, other than that, we had a nice weekend. It was nice to have Micah home with us. He grilled dinner for us Sunday and Monday. Saturday we ate with a coworker of Micah's and his family. I made the best macaroons I have made yet. We went on walks, learned that the park right by us has a little wading pool that will open soon. Also has swings!

Mmm. Lobster and Tangy Grilled Chicked with Artichocke Spinach Dip on Memorial Day. Natalie was so cute in her patriotic outfit!

Natalie loves to snuggle while she sleeps. We have lately started "ferberizing" her at night and she has done well. Unless she hasn't eaten in a long time, we just leave her in her bed and talk to her and pat her then leave her for longer and longer periods to cry before going back. She stops crying pretty quickly when she realizes we aren't going to hold her. Swaddling continues to help a lot and I am waiting on a larger swaddler to come in the mail, as hers can barely close around her!
Friday we went shopping for some new clothes and didn't buy anything in the end. My weighed is about where it was before Natalie, but my shape is pretty different. It's awkward figuring out how to dress now, but I NEED more clothes- Micah asks me to change every time we leave the house :/ Tonight I wanted to drop by the mall on our walk (we have ahuge mall right down the road), and Micah asked if I felt comfortable walking through the mall in my baggy sweats (part of a pajama set my mom got as a gift and passed along because they didn't fit well) and a t-shirt. I was like "Yeah, what's wrong with this shirt?" As we continued to discuss it, I remembered that it was Darlene's shirt once- I was never on the GHS stage crew. When was it from? Her Sophmore year? Eh, that only puts it at... 9 years old? Hey, it doesn't have any holes or stains. Hehe. Yeah. I need clothes. I just hate paying too much and never like anything I try on :(  Just found a Marshals down the road, will try there next.

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