Friday, September 26, 2014

Angela Birthed A Fairy

So very much to chronicle. So little time to get down details.

I should at least let it be known that Angela can laugh. She does it more consistently for Micah than me, but she finds Natalie the funniest of all.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Finally, Pictures of Angela Only!

The only thing I suck at worse than updating my blog is taking pictures. I spent a WHOLE WEEK in Wilmington seeing all of my sibling and the only time I remembered to whip out the camera was while we were waiting at Cracker Barrel after picking up returned missionary Blake from the airport

Angela is trying rice cereal now. Still doesn't eat most of it. And if any of it stays down, she pukes it up shortly after. Might not be quite ready. 
Struggling to keep her full without getting too reliant on formula. It's tough! And her sleeping has been such a nightmare, we've put up the packnplay in the living room so we can let her cry more. 

Spent Labor Day at the pool. Woohoo!

Angela really likes sitting in the boppy- she loves being able to look around without having to be on her tummy. Her pushing-up muscles aren't doing so well; every time I put her on the floor, she just screams and cries. Her head is pretty flat still. 

She can move now. Which is inconvenient. If she wakes up early from a nap, I can't just put her in the swing in her swaddle to fall back asleep because she twists out of it. She also hates being left in her bouncy chair, so we have to remember to use the seatbelt now.

Natalie is happy that we have a mixer in the house again. Thanks Grandpa! Now, to get the dough hooks to work. I tried them once, but they weren't doing anything. Maybe my dough was too dry? It seemed like the hooks were facing the wrong direction, away from the direction it spins. Not sure if that's right.

And, finally, this:

Not much other news. Micah's very busy. I'm very stressed. We're both very tired.