Saturday, May 24, 2014

Photo/Video Drop

  • Angela seems to be spending more time awake and alert. Had some feeding issues, things are improving though. Finds Natalie very entertaining. 
  • Natalie loves to be all up in Angela's face. She has been super duper naughty because she's mad at me for not paying as much attention to her. She has gotten more clingy to Micah.
  • I am irritated by how much of my time it takes to keep Angela fed.  Also, sick of spending so much time sitting around the house.
  • Micah is back to school but has been helping a lot at home. He is the babywise police and makes sure that Angela is learning skills of independence at such a rate that she will be ready to move out of the house approximately 13 months from now.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Moves Like Jagger

Though it sounds more like "dragon"

And some day, I will have time to blog about Angela. She is almost 3 weeks old now and wants to spend approximately 17 hours a day nursing, so I don't leave the couch much.